Which would Lauren church?

Mother is taking Lauren for a new dress to wear on Sunday. Which would she prefer?

Not sure, this excerpt from Light of Mine might help.

Light of Mine Chapter 6. A Stranger at Church “I don’t know what’s going on here,” Lauren said, “but I know we need some help to understand. We need to hurry to church so we can talk to the parson.”

With that, Lauren rushed down the ladder and got a pot ready with rolled oats for lunch later that day. The boys followed Lauren after a couple of minutes, and Aiden set to stoking the coals into flame.

Lauren sent the boys out to do the bare minimum chores to take care of the animals. She always liked the civility of the Sabbath. The beautiful clothes made the day special and somehow sophisticated. Even the way they took care of their Sabbath clothes was very particular. She went to her parents’ room and took her simple white ankle-length dress from the cedar chest and put it on. After squeezing into her knee-length, brown leather boots, she smoothed the skirt of her dress. She took good care of them, regularly oiling and putting shapers in them if they got wet, but she had grown so much this last year that they were almost too tight.

When she was ready, she returned to the kitchen and put on her apron. The flames had died down enough that she could put on the spider pot. As she finished putting coals on the top of it, the boys came in.

Lauren knew the boys didn’t share her love for the Sabbath, because they had to wear shoes. Living on the farm, they preferred the feeling of grass and mud between their toes. “Boys get ready for church. Before you ask, yes, you have to wear shoes.” The boys rolled their eyes at her. “We’ll have some bread and then go so we can get there early, OK?”

“OK, Sissy,” they huffed in unison.

Lauren cut bread and put jelly on it like the day before. This was the last of it, but hopefully someone at church would be able to help them get more supplies.

As Lauren hoped, the boys came back into the kitchen both wearing khaki cotton pants, white short-sleeved linen shirts, and brown, leather shoes that squeaked on the wooden floor. What she didn’t expect was that they were also armed.