Which Should Ethan Take Up?

Excerpt from Still Small Voice : Chapter 4. The Decision

The Knight protector steepled his fingers as he spoke directly to Aiden. "For the three of you to defeat a pack of hell hounds, two acolytes, and a censer-wielding bishop is no simple feat. It's clear the Lord was with the three of you.” Aiden puffed up his chest as he remembered the look on the bishop’s face as Aiden had cut open the sack containing the Lantern of Light.

“However,” the Knight Protector continued, “it is also clear you didn't really know much about the tower or your weapons. I recall you rushing into battle last night, and it didn’t seem much of a plan. Is that right?" Knight Protector’s raised eyebrows reminded Aiden of Father’s when he caught Aiden telling a tall tale.

This made Aiden uncomfortable, and he felt like he should explain himself. "Well, I knew my sword starts fires and cuts metal and stuff. Sissy can make people forget with her spear. I guess we didn’t really know what E’s shield did. But we know now. It made the bad dogs go poof." Aiden brought the tips of the fingers on both hands together and then pulled his hands apart.

"Poof is right!" Ethan agreed, making the same motion.

"Yes, Knight Protector, sir, we can do some amazing things when the Lord wants us to,” Lauren nodded. “But that power only comes when it seems like the Lord wants us to have it.”

Aiden let out a big sigh, “That’s why we should go to Grandma’s house. She’s wise, she knows all about this stuff.”

"I understand your grandmother is wise. That is why I say ‘perhaps.’" Knight Protector sat back in his chair and folded his hands together. "Your father was very clear, and I saw it in writing. Lighting a tower just like the one here in Blooming Glen was essential to holding back The Darkness.”

Aiden faltered for a moment. If Daddy wrote it, he had to mean it. It had to be the right thing. But Daddy was a good teacher, he wouldn’t just leave them with all this power with no explanation. “When did Daddy give you the paper?”

“Well, just a few days ago.” Knight Protector cocked his head. “Why would that matter?”

“He was on his way home when he disappeared.” Aiden let out a deep breath to compose himself. “What if he expected to come home to explain things, but never made it?”

“And?” a quizzical look passed over the Knight Protector’s face. “Why would that matter?”

“You said yourself we don’t really know about our weapons and the tower,” Aiden pointed at the Knight Protector for emphasis, “right?”

Knight Protector nodded, “Yes, I did say that.”

Aiden shrugged his shoulders and raised his hands. “Who in Blooming Glen is as wise as Grandma?”

Knight Protector sat in silence for a moment, “Children, is going to your grandmother’s house what the Lord is asking you to do?"

Ethan’s face contorted in concentration. "Hmmm." He was squeezing his eyes closed and mouth so hard his face was starting to turn red.

Aiden let out a huff. "E, it doesn't work like that."

Ethan exhaled, and his shoulders fell as his face relaxed, "How do you know how it works for me?"